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Navigating RFE Challenges with RFE Experts: A Comprehensive Guide

Navigating the complex realm of U.S. immigration, securing a visa or green card frequently relies on effectively validating educational qualifications. steps forward as a crucial partner for individuals confronted with the challenging obstacle of a Request for Evidence RFE from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services USCIS. This piece explores the specialized knowledge and assistance provided by, aimed at shifting the balance in favor of applicants during these pivotal junctures.

Understanding the RFE Conundrum

An RFE isn’t just a simple ask it marks a pivotal moment in the immigration journey indicating that the USCIS needs more evidence to reach a well-informed verdict. This could arise from various concerns, like uncertainties regarding the comparability of a foreign degree to its U.S. counterpart, questions about the alignment of an applicant’s educational history with their prospective job, or the necessity for additional proof of work experience.

Remember that an RFE is NOT the end of the road and a the experts at can help you overturn it quite quickly.

For a no charge review of your case please go to and fill out the short form.  Then send the documents. Sheila Danzig will get back to you as quickly as possible.’s Approach to Overcoming RFEs’s success hinges on their comprehensive grasp of USCIS criteria and a steadfast dedication to accuracy in every assessment. Their methodology is multifaceted and includes the following strategies::

Customized Credential Evaluations offers Customized Credential Evaluationstailored to the specific requirements of each RFE. They understand that each case is unique, so they meticulously analyze educational credentials and professional background to address the USCIS’s concerns directly. Their evaluations highlight the relevance of the applicant’s qualifications to their intended job and the standards of education in the United States.

Expert Advisory Panel takes pride in its Expert Advisory Panel, comprised of specialists with extensive knowledge in immigration law and global educational standards.

Responsive Support System Understanding the time-sensitive nature of RFE responses, offers prompt and efficient service. Their team collaborates closely with applicants and attorneys, offering guidance and assistance every step of the way, to ensure that submissions are both timely and thorough. goes beyond verifying academic qualifications by also helping applicants substantiate their work experience, a crucial aspect for employment-based visa categories. They offer detailed assessments that correlate an applicant’s job duties with their educational background, emphasizing the practical application of learned skills in a professional setting.

Ongoing USCIS Compliance

 With immigration policies and interpretations subject to change, remains at the forefront of regulatory shifts. Their evaluations are always in line with the latest USCIS guidelines, offering clients the best chance for a favorable outcome.

Success Stories and Tailored Solutions takes pride in its track record of successfully overturning RFEs and securing visa approvals for clients. By combining expertise with personalized service, they have helped countless individuals navigate the complexities of the immigration process. Whether facing an RFE for an H-1B visa, EB-2 or EB-3 green card applications, or any other immigration challenge, offers solutions that are both strategic and effective.

For a no charge review of your case go to 

Review it before you file to prevent an RFE or after you receive an RFE to help overturn one.

Navigating RFE Challenges with RFE Experts: A Comprehensive Guide

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