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How to Uninstall Android System Update: A Guide to Uninstalling Updates

How to Uninstall Android System Update

Updates keep your Android smartphone secure, optimised, and full of new features. You may want to uninstall an Android system upgrade because of security concerns, bugs, or other reasons. Updates are harder to uninstall than apps, but it’s possible. In this article, we will explain how to uninstall Android system update and weigh the pros and cons.

Things you need to know before Uninstalling Android System

How to Uninstall Android System Update: A Guide to Uninstalling Updates

It’s important to know what will happen before you start the removal process. Since updates often come with security changes, uninstalling one could leave your system open to attacks. Also, going back to an earlier version doesn’t always work without running into compatibility problems. Make sure you have copies of your important files saved somewhere else so that you don’t lose them during the process.

How to Uninstall Android System Update step by step 

Step 1: Access System Settings

Open the “Settings” app on your Android device. You can find a gear icon for this in the app drawer or on the home screen.

Step 2: Go to “System” or “About Phone.”

Scroll down and look for the icon System” or “About Phone.” Tap on it to access additional settings related to your device.

Step 3: Find “Software Update” or “System Updates.”

Within the “System” or “About Phone” section, locate an option named “Software Update” or “System Updates.”Here you can see and manage all of your device’s installed updates.

Step 4: View Update History

Look for an option that allows you to view the update history or currently installed updates. This section should display a list of recent updates with their installation dates.

Step 5: Uninstall the Update

Some Android devices provide an option to uninstall updates directly from the “Software Update” or “System Updates” menu. If this option is available, select it and follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall the latest update.

Step 6: Disable Auto-Updates

To prevent your device from automatically installing updates in the future, navigate to the “Settings” app, select “System” or “About Phone,” and find the “Software Update” or “System Updates” option. Look for an option to disable automatic updates and toggle it off.

Atternative methods to Uninstall Android System Update

  • Reset to Factory: If you are unable to remove the update straight from your smartphone, a factory reset may be an option to consider. Don’t forget that this will delete everything on your computer, so make a copy of anything important before you start.
  • Custom ROMs: If you’re an advanced user, you might want to look into installing a custom ROM that is compatible with an older version of Android. But this process is hard to understand, needs expert know-how, and might be dangerous.

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Can I uninstall Android system updates on any device?

Different devices and manufacturers may have different ways to get rid of Android system changes. Some devices have this option in the settings menu, while others require a factory reset or modified ROMs.

What Are the Risks of Uninstalling Android System Updates?

Updates often have important safety upgrades, so uninstalling them can leave the device insecure. Further, there’s a chance that newer apps and features won’t work if you cancel updates.

Is it possible to disable automatic updates on Android?

Yes, most Android devices allow you to disable automatic updates. Navigate to the “Settings” app, access the “System” or “About Phone” section, and look for the “Software Update” or “System Updates” option. There, you can disable automatic updates to prevent future installations.

What Should I Do If Uninstalling Updates Is Not an Option on My Device?

If your device does not provide a direct option to uninstall updates, consider performing a factory reset as an alternative. Keep in mind that this will erase all data, so make sure to back up important information beforehand.

Can I install custom ROMs to roll back to a previous Android version?

Yes, installing custom ROMs is a potential option for advanced users who want to revert to a previous Android version. However, this process is complex, requires technical expertise, and may void warranties. It should be approached with caution and only by those familiar with the risks involved.


It’s not easy to get rid of Android system changes, and it’s important to measure the risks compared to the benefits. If the update is significantly causing problems, you should contact the manufacturer of your device or get help from a professional. To avoid losing data, make a backup of your files before modifying your device’s software.

How to Uninstall Android System Update: A Guide to Uninstalling Updates

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