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How to Delete Phonepe Transaction: Step-by-Step Process to Delete Phonepe History

How to Delete Phonepe Transaction

More than 8 million people have downloaded PhonePe from the Google Play Store, making it one of the most popular digital payment apps. It has also helped people make safe payments with UPI technology, which has seen more than 200 crore transactions in the past month. Users are free to send money to anyone they want; for some reason, they sometimes want to delete transaction records. Many PhonePe users want to know how to get rid of the records of some payments they don’t want to be shown. The reasons for this may be different for each user. This guide will show you how to delete the PhonePe transaction history of certain items to make the history list look how you want it to.

How to Delete PhonePe Transaction History

Step-by-Step Process to Delete Phonepe History

Step 1: Open the PhonePe App

Open PhonePe and log in using your credentials. For a smooth operation, use a stable internet connection.

Step 2: Visit Transaction History

Find the “History” or “Transactions” tab after logging in. The main menu or bottom of the screen usually has this. Tap it to see the transaction history.

Step 3: Choose Transactions to Delete

Recent transactions are listed in the transaction history. Tap the transactions you want to remove. Find an option to select all transactions to delete your transaction history.

Step 4: Select Delete or Remove.

Select the transactions and look for a delete or remove option. Trash bin icons or similar symbols symbolise this option. Tap it to delete.

Step 5: Verify Removal

PhonePe may request confirmation before deleting selected transactions. This verifies that you want to erase these transactions from your history. Reaffirm your choice.

Step 6: Review Future Transaction Settings

Explore the app settings for options to erase or manage transaction history to prevent accumulation automatically. PhonePe may allow you to specify transaction history retention.

Step 7: Log Out for Safety

After erasing your transaction history, log out of PhonePe for added protection. This prevents unauthorised access to your account and clears transactions.

Step 8: Verify

Check your transaction history or log back in to confirm that the transactions were erased. A few transactions may take a while to reflect the modifications.


Can I delete just one transaction, or must I delete the whole history?

You are free to make your own choice. PhonePe lets users delete a single transaction or a group of transactions simultaneously. You can also delete all of your past transactions if you want to.

Does deletion happen immediately?

Yes, the process of deleting is generally instant. You should recheck your transaction records or log in soon to ensure the changes are valid.

Can clearing my transaction history affect my account balance or linked bank account?

No, clearing your PhonePe transaction records won’t change your account balance or the bank account you linked it to. It only removes the records for the app, not the transactions themselves.

What is the process for logging out of my PhonePe account?

Go to the app’s main menu or settings to log out. Find “log out” or “sign out,” then follow the instructions on-screen to ensure you want to leave.

If I delete my transaction history, what happens to my UPI transactions?

Deleting your PhonePe transaction history won’t change your UPI transactions or bank accounts that are related to it. It only gets rid of the transaction data in the PhonePe app.

Can I choose to have my transaction information deleted automatically?

To manage your transaction history, go to the app’s settings and look for choices. Some apps, like PhonePe, may have settings that let you choose how long to keep your transaction data or whether it should be deleted automatically.

Can I delete a certain number of deals at once?

On PhonePe, you can delete transactions in various ways to pick and remove multiple transactions simultaneously. However, details may differ, so look at the app’s features for full directions.


These steps will help you delete your PhonePe transaction history and keep your financial actions private. Take care of your safety at all times, and only delete deals that you are sure you don’t need anymore.

How to Delete Phonepe Transaction: Step-by-Step Process to Delete Phonepe History

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